Psalter manuscript

An Audience With Jesus (Matt 18:1-7)


The disciples came to Jesus one day,
“One big question stands in our way.
Of all sunbeams in the kingdom of God
Who’s the brightest ray?
Who is foremost in the kingdom of God
Who should sit as chief in our squad?
Who of all that seek to lead for our cause
Might we give the nod?”

He’s the greatest in the kingdom
Who is like this child!
Lest you come as little children
Tender-hearted, mild
You’ll not ever see God’s kingdom
Neither enter in;
You must humbly be converted
Turn aside from sin”

“Little children like the ones we see here
Learn through play to scorn and to sneer
Let us curb their sinful sporting and games
Which they hold so dear.
Though as infants ‘neath their parents command
Once they learn to stutter and stand
Very soon mischief and troublesome schemes
They together plan.”

“You who care for little children
Care in turn for me;
But the one who makes them stumble
Will great peril see;
It would surely be much better
For that man to be
With a mighty stone tied to him
Cast into the sea!”

Steve Layfield – January 2022

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