Psalter manuscript

Song of Moses & Miriam (Exodus 15 & 16)


Sing to the Lord, sing stronger and louder
For He has triumphed gloriously!
Chariot and soldier; horse and its rider
He with fierce anger cast in the sea!

God is my strength and my song, He’s become my salvation
He is my God, I will praise and exalt Him always;
He’s a man of war wielding His sword subduing all nations
Enemy armies turn back at the sight of His gaze…

Floodwaters rose in a heap consuming like stubble
Armies of Egypt declaring, “We will pursue!”
All the mightiest proud sons of Pharaoh encountering trouble
Met with God’s hand which prevented them following through…

Mercy towards His redeemed is shaping a people
Guided through time by His strength on their pilgrimage home;
Being sheltered and carried on wings unseen of an eagle
Watching the captains fall down and sink like a stone.

Chieftains will fear with dismay in the cities of Canaan
Walls of defense that obstruct heaven’s progress will fall;
God will set His inheritance soon in the height of the mountain
Where, evermore, He’ll be hailed as Lord over all!

Steve Layfield – February 2022

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