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That Fig Tree (Matt 21:18-22)


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Heading to a city,
Jesus once was hungry,
So He turned aside;
Finding on a fig tree
Nothing for His journey
Jesus, in His stride,
Cursed it for its lack of fruit,
“Evermore in branch and root
This fig tree will be barren!”

Whereupon that fig tree
Came that instant to be
Withered through and through;
Noting its destruction
Jesus this conclusion
For His brethren drew:
Though your faith is small indeed
If you trust and intercede
Then God will hear in heaven.

If when you are praying
You refrain from doubting
Wondrous power you’ll prove;
Mighty hills and mountains
Representing kingdoms
Your commands will move.
If sincerely you believe,
What you ask for you’ll receive
Most surely in abundance!

Steve Layfield – February 2022

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