Psalter manuscript

Would You Follow After Jesus?


(Luke 9:57-62)

Would you follow after Jesus?
Would you walk His narrow way?
Can you bear with indignation
When they scorn the things you say?
Is your conversation salty?
Is there oil inside your lamp?
Do you His reproach bear gladly
By yourself outside the camp?

Birds of heaven shelter safely
In the confines of their nest,
Where secure they feed their hatchlings
While their weary wings find rest;
Foxes too know creature comfort
In a den beneath the ground
But there’s nowhere for the Saviour
To His tired head lay down.

Have you heard the Saviour calling?
“Turn aside and follow Me”
Any precious thing you live for
Can become idolatry.
‘Let me bury, Lord, my father
Family comes first,’ one said;
“You’re mistaken,” Jesus countered,
“Let the dead entomb the dead.”

Some say, ‘I will preach God’s kingdom,
I will chime the gospel bell
After telling my companions –
Friends and relatives – ‘farewell!’
Jesus cautions, “No one ploughing,
Takes his hand from off the plough;
Looking backwards you will never
Serve Me truly if not now.”

Steve Layfield – April 2022

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