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This Psalter is presented to you freely as a token of my gratitude to almighty God.  It is my sincere prayer that He might promote its usefulness within His church and among His people the world over.

We live in perilous times.  Here in Great Britain, the Christian faith which shaped and transformed our heritage over centuries has in just a few generations suffered momentous collapse.  The great cathedrals may yet stand as towering mementos of a bygone era in which academia, politics and culture were inseparably connected, built collectively on the foundation of biblical faith.  But today, the voice of Christian reason is all but silent and still.

The Christian Church is under God’s judgement.  The Lordship of Jesus Christ signifies almost nothing in the hearts and minds of church-goers who appear to care more about being entertained and ‘winning converts’ than building a comprehensive kingdom in which God’s will is fully carried out as part of a consistent, ‘biblical world and life view’.   The poverty of our spiritual condition is manifest in the things we focus on and in the things we say which, in turn, reflect the way in which we tend to think.  I am recommending nothing less than a full blown reformation of our intellectual life.  I am recommending a thoroughly Biblical and Christian way of thinking and reasoning about everything.

Just such a ‘road-map’ I find in the Psalms which I believe should replace (or else significantly supplement) our present repertoire of ‘hymns & spiritual songs’.  I commend Psalter21 to you warmly in the prayer hope and expectation that its sentiments might stir the hearts of all who truly love Jesus Christ and look for the establishment of His kingdom here in His world.

Lee DeVastify – December 2010