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Psalm 106: O Lord, our Father

O Lord our Father, as we contemplate our ways, Can our lips declare the fulness of Your praise? For Your favour to Your chosen nation, May this great salvation move our children To rejoice in endless days, To rejoice in endless days! With all our fathers we have loved iniquity, We have closed our eyes […]

Psalm 105: Sing to the Lord

Sing to the Lord and extol His great Name, Tell of His wonders through history; Publish His deeds and the works of His hands, Furnished with glory and mystery. Seek now His face and rejoice in His strength, Noticing daily each providence; Justice and truth multiply from His mouth, Comforting Jacob’s inheritance. Pouring out judgements […]

Psalm 104: O bless the Lord

O bless the Lord; how manifold His mighty works and wisdom, The mysteries of sky and sea No mind on earth can fathom; In light and majesty most bright He laid the world’s foundation, Appointing sun and moon and stars Their season and rotation. His chamber beams He lays within the waters And walks upon […]

Psalm 103: Bless the Lord, O my soul

Bless the Lord, O my soul, let all within me Bless and magnify His high and holy name; Bless the Lord and mark His very many blessings Who heals all your diseases and removes your guilt and shame; Who redeems you from the darkness of the shadows, Pouring out His love and mercy full and […]

Psalm 102: Hear, O Lord, my cry

Hear, O Lord, my cry Do not hide Your face Hasten to me from on high Great God of truth and grace. Stricken is my heart, Scorched before fierce heat, Pressing through the darkest part, My soul confronts defeat. Friends and fellow travellers I’ve known, Slander and accuse me every day, All alone I languish […]

Psalm 101: The justice, love and truth of Christ

The justice, love and truth Of Christ, my sovereign king, I’ll with my life adorn And daily praise and sing. If He would come to me I must all sin despise, And set no wicked thing Before my fickle eyes. From heart iniquity I’ll flee and turn away, Then sanctify in solemn prayer Each word […]

Psalm 100: Let the nations of the world

Let the nations of the world Shout to God triumphantly; Let them sing before the Lord Songs of love and liberty. Time and chance cannot account For a child’s humanity. As His image we all bear Witness to the Trinity. Now, a people of the Lord, We shall worship reverently. Let us come into His […]

Psalm 99: The Lord is king

The Lord is king, let all the coastlands fear and tremble; He who dwells among His people is on Zion’s hill enthroned. Let all the nations of the earth, With solemn joy and holy mirth, Extol everywhere His noble Name. Justice and strength with equity He has established; Righteousness in Jacob’s country as a sign […]

Psalm 98: To the Lord, sing a brand new song

To the Lord, sing a brand new song; Let us marvel altogether at the things He’s done! His own hand and His holy arm Have performed salvation through the Son; Loving kindness, truth and righteousness To the nations He has now made known. All the ends of the earth have seen His salvation within Jacob […]

Psalm 97: Let distant shores of earth rejoice

Let distant shores of earth rejoice, for Jesus reigns on high. In every tongue let songs arise, For veiled behind the darkest skies The fiery throne of justice lies, Which no man may defy. A fire before God’s throne ascends consuming all His foes; Great mountains stir before His might While, like a candle in […]