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Psalm 119 – BETH: (version B)

Tune = Blowin’ in the Wind (Bob Dylan) How can a man in the days of his youthThink, talk and walk in his way –Mindful of Christ and the Scriptures of truth,Buoyant with integrity?Yes and what can be hoped for his conscience to sootheWhen evil has drawn him astray?The answer my friend is keeping God’s […]

Psalm 150: Praise God in His sanctuary

Praise God in His sanctuary Praise Him in the skies Praise Him for all His wondrous ways That show He is so wise; Praise Him sounding a fugal horn Make melody ring out Stand up and sing Let every creaturely thing Lift up their voices and shout! AMEN! Praise God with the lute and harp […]

Psalm 149: Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord, come sing a new song With His people gathered round; Bless your Maker, Zion’s children, Raise a glad triumphant sound. Celebrate His Name with dancing, Bearing tambourine and lyre; We His saints by His salvation Have become His heart’s desire! Let the godly see His glory As they learn His sword to […]

Psalm 148: From creation’s farthest corner

From creation’s farthest corner, Beneath its lofty height, Let seraphim and angels As ministers of light, Together with all creatures – Including Moon and Sun – Extol the Lord of glory In harmony as one, In harmony as one! All the world has been established By ancient ordinance, Each snowflake as it tumbles Perform the […]

Psalm 147: Praise the Lord for His goodness

Praise the Lord for His goodness, Praise the Lord for His kindness, Praise the Lord! The Lord establishes Jerusalem; And draws together weary outcast saints as one, Mending every broken heart, He binds up every hurt, And like the stars He knows the names of every single one! Great is the Lord and powerful in […]

Psalm 146: I will give thanks

I will give thanks with every breath To Him who dwells on high; My God and King will hear me sing Until the day I die. Let us not trust princes or kings, No help can they supply For they like all men shall return Beneath the ground to lie. Happy the ones hoping in […]

Psalm 145: Each day I’ll lift my voice and sing

Each day I’ll lift my voice and sing to Christ my King And I will say, ‘Let all men celebrate!’ for He is greatly to be Praised from age to age, in every foreign land, For all He’s done establishing His throne In mighty wonders He’s made known at His command. We see the wonders […]

Psalm 144: I’ll bless the Lord, my Rock

I’ll bless the Lord, my Rock when facing dangers, Who trains my hands for war and guides my fingers, The kindness of His love Has kept me safe above The crafty schemes and plans of cruel strangers. Behold, O Lord, the ways of these, my fellows Whose years of pride are fleeting as the shadows; […]

Psalm 143: O Lord, my supplications hear

O Lord, my supplications hear and answer please; I spread before You this petition on my knees. Don’t overwhelm me when Your roar For no one in this world is pure. The foe me persecutes with cunning words and lies; I know his sabotage and darkness fouls my eyes. My spirit, longing to be dressed, […]

Psalm 142: Unto the Lord I cry

Unto the Lord I cry; Anxious in prayer I sigh, Seeking the reason why I am disquieted. There as my burden grew I realised that You My every footstep knew While pressing on ahead. They who despise my prayer, Feeling no shame or care, Secretly set their snare For me to stumble in. No one […]