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Psalm 141: I look to You, O Lord make haste

I look to You, O Lord make haste to me; Give ear to this my cry! May this my solemn prayer like incense be From holy hands held high. Set up a mighty guard, O gracious Lord, Around the doorway of my tongue, And keep my feeble heart, Lord, set apart In service of the […]

Psalm 140: Rescue me, O Lord, from those who seek evil

Rescue me, O Lord, from those who do evil, Keep me from their violence; Daily they conspire for war and high treason, There is hatred in their plans. Their tongues are sharp as iron, There’s poison in their bite; Their purpose, sure and certain, To undermine what’s right! Subtle are their schemes and dark their […]

Psalm 139: O Lord, You know me completely

O Lord, You know me completely, When I stand and when I sit down; My thoughts You understand clearly, Every heartbeat, each fear, every frown; You’re acquainted with all my ways, Though silent You hear every word I pray I’m cornered; upon me Your hand is laid – What can I say? Where can I […]

Psalm 138: To You I bring my heart

To You I bring my heart and sing This song of thankful praise; I humbly bow before You now And shall do all my days. The book of holy Scripture Above Your Name You raise; It to Your saints Your faithfulness And steadfast love conveys. The kings of every tribe will sing Of all Your holiness, […]

Psalm 137: Sat down on riverbanks in Babylon

Sat down on riverbanks in Babylon We tearfully remembered Zion’s songs; Our heavy hearts betraying glory gone: Strong nobles captured, rich treasures plundered. How shall we exiled here unite to sing Thanksgiving songs amidst such suffering? We languish, spirits broken, for our sin; Behold dear Father, these sons of Edom. Mistress of Babylon at ease […]

Psalm 136: The love of Jesus Christ endures

Every false idol that men in their darkness Honour as ‘lord’ on the throne of their mind, Shall in the day of God’s fierceness and goodness Fall from on high and in Hell be confined. Then we’ll be free from the sins of our blindness No more believing the lies of mankind. The love of […]

Psalm 135: Let servant-hearted saints

Let servant-hearted saints, With heart and mind and soul, Stand upright as a mighty throng And praise the Lord of all; For He alone is good And pleasant is His name; We, by His sovereign choice, the seed Of Abraham became. The idols of men’s hearts Which inwardly they trust Are phantom demons of the […]

Psalm 134: Behold, you servants of the Lord

Behold, you servants of the Lord Who rise up in the night, Lift up your hands in fervent prayer As children of the light, And magnify God’s name Speaking and doing right! Stand up and bless with thankfulness Your Maker here with me; He by the power of His word Created all we see; From […]

Psalm 133: How beautiful, how fine

How beautiful, how fine When friends see eye to eye, And dwell communally as one, In holy harmony! Like precious fragrant oil On sacred priestly gown Poured out upon anointed head Which to the ground seeps down. Like sweet refreshing dew Upon the hills each morn, Evoking to all longing eyes A sight of Eden’s […]

Psalm 132: Lord, remember David

Lord, remember David, Jesse’s youngest son, His afflictions and the hardships he endured; How he swore to Jacob’s God, the Mighty One, He would find a sacred dwelling for the Lord. Later when Your faithful saints in Ephrathah, With an anxious heart to worship in that place, Heard and sought it in the fields beyond […]