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Esther Musical: Song #1 – Let’s Party!

Mighty Ahasuerus In the zenith of his power Summoned to the mother of all feasts Nobles unaware, In the frenzied air, God on high had set His eye On Mordecai the Priest Eighty and a hundred days Were scheduled by and by To manifest the treasures of the king; Furnishings of gold – Pure beauty […]

Step Up to the Plate – be a Caleb

[Tune = How Much Do You Think You are Worth – Graham Kendrick] As you trundle your way through the dessert Do you pine for those feasts from the past? When, in Egypt’s abundant provision, You were rarely reduced to this fast! Is the scope of your view your horizon? Are the storm-clouds descending your goal? […]

The Beatitudes > Matthew 5:3-10

Blessed are the poor in spirit For heaven shall be theirs; Such noble ones, as regal sons Of heaven, resurrection, And God’s kingdom, are true heirs! Blessed are the broken hearted Who see injustice done. Before too long, a tranquil song Will comfort all their grieving; Every tear cried shall be gone! Blessed are the […]

Two Little Boys (Alfie & Noah Merton)

Welcome Noah & Alfie Merton, my 7th & 8th grandchildren, born Easter Sunday morning weighing in at 6lb 13Oz & 7lb  4Oz respectively.  By the time they’re 2 yrs old I hope to be able to tell them apart!! Atheists scornfully reproach Christians for believing in ‘special creation’ but cannot begin to explain the ‘miracle’ […]

A Lamentation for the Slaughter of the Unborn (Matthew 6v22-23; Proverbs 21v15)

God most merciful on high Answer the pleading of our cry: ‘Multitudes of children die, Slaughtered day by day!’ Silently, loosed from the prospect of life Severed by surgical knife; Suddenly, peacefully growing inside, Culled for the sake of foul pride! We say, ‘Let not our nation be unkind, Soften the hearts of the wilfully blind, May […]

A Voice Crying in the Wilderness (Mark 1)

The Spirit of the Lord through men of old Perceived that in the fullness of Earth’s time The kingdom of the living God Would dawn upon the ground they trod Transforming humble water into wine. The prophet John the Baptist strangely dressed In the spirit of Elijah heaven sent; With earnestness they heard him say, […]

The Great Commission…

Joel McDurmon is worth listening to.  He understands well the lie of the land.  Listen to him here discussion the true scope of Christ’s Commission to the Church in Matthew 28.  His vision for cultural redemption & the evident lack of appetite for the same among most evangelicals today prompted me pen to this song […]

Blind Eyes (Mark 4:24-25)

Who’s the Lord of creation? What’s the hope of salvation? Why then flow with the mainstream Despising the dream? There’s a haze across your horizon: Whispered echoes from Eden; No one seems to know wrong from right, So how they should fight, Sound asleep in the light! Blind eyes, hastening from the battle, Blind eyes, […]

One Day…

One day, as the Scriptures say all that hurting is destined to heal, One day, open wounds still bleeding shall dry with balm and congeal; Humble hearted warriors will overwhelm the land Heirs with Christ forever more in God’s redemptive plan; One day as the Scriptures say every knee will tremble and bow to the […]

Dear Father, Truest Friend

This song is yet one further testament to God’s unseen reality.  The Christian drawn into covenant relationship with Christ perceives an altogether different perspective on the world he inhabits than the infidel.  His eyes have been opened and his heart has been set free from the tyranny of sin.  He must yet learn to appreciate […]