Psalter manuscript

Psalm 2: Why do the kings of the nations together


This text will be replaced

Why do the kings of the nations together
Vainly cast off with disdain and defiance all their
Bonds, testifying that they are created?
Cords they would dearly destroy!
God, seated in glory,
Laughs with derision at them;
He, in His great fury,
Shall overcome them saying…

“I have established My King upon Zion;
By everlasting decree to the Son are given
All of the nations of earth, filled with glory,
His evermore to possess!
He, brandishing iron,
Shall break their strong defences;
They, shattered and broken,
Will be a thousand pieces.”

Now therefore, princes and kings, heed this warning;
Rulers of earth, serve with fear God the Lord, Your Maker.
Humbly embrace Jesus Christ Your redeemer
Lest you be swiftly destroyed!
For He will be angry
With those who contradict Him.
Turn from His fierce fury;
Blessed will be all who seek Him!

Steve Layfield

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