Psalter manuscript

Psalm 5: Lord, give ear to this entreaty


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Lord, give ear to this entreaty,
Heed the calling of my cry;
Look upon my meditation,
Sovereign King and God most high.
In the stillness of the morning
I will lift my voice to You
Contemplating grace and glory
In the wondrous things You do!

Wicked laws and legislation
I discern on every side;
Rulers of our institutions
Sanction folly in their pride.
Overcome them, Lord, in judgement;
Make Your saints more shrewd and wise.
Help us, when in disputation,
To lay bare their hollow lies.

Information’s superhighway
Is polluted with their scorn;
Ever learning, vaunted sages
Will not to the Scriptures turn.
Let them fall by their own counsel;
Unto judgment cast them down.
Their bewitching lies betray them
Rebels of Jehovah’s crown.

As for me, I will come into
Fellowship in Zion’s vine;
Grace and mercy overflowing
By His promise shall be mine.
Teach me, Lord, Your righteous precepts
So that I may overcome
Enemies who seek to plunder
Straight ways for my feet to run.

May Your saints rejoice in triumph,
Give them cause to shout for joy;
They, petitioning You daily,
May Your holy name employ.
Let them live to see the righteous,
Blessed in every way, abound;
As a shield protect and keep them;
With Your favour them surround.

Steve Layfield

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