Psalter manuscript

Psalm 9: I’ll bless the Lord eternally


This text will be replaced

I’ll bless the Lord eternally
For all the works wrought by His hand;
Things others are too blind to see,
Those things He’s made me understand.

My enemies will disappear
When forced to contemplate Your gaze;
Each providence you engineer
Reveals Your judgment in our days.

Our godless culture soon will be
By faithful warrior-saints transformed;
The ruins all around I see
Will be forgotten or reformed.

Then those oppressed who cry to God
Will find a shelter from the storm;
All who rely upon His word
Will live to see His kingdom dawn.

O Lord, be merciful to me,
Make me rejoice in all Your ways;
Enable all Your saints to see
The scope of Your redeeming grace.

The kingdoms of the world sink down
As faithful saints expose their lies;
The rebel platitudes they’ve sown
Will trap them soon before our eyes.

Let every nation, every man,
Hallow Your name and humbly fear;
May all our children understand
They are but creatures dwelling here.

Steve Layfield

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