Psalter manuscript

Psalm 14: Plainly mischievous and truly a traitor


This text will be replaced

Plainly mischievous and truly a traitor,
Strangely irrational, wholly unwise;
So is the one who denies his Creator,
Pursuing hollow, despicable lies!

Marshalling arguments empty of meaning;
All their pronouncements are marked with conceit.
They are the ones who mislead with beguiling;
Let godly thinkers unmask their deceit!

Loud in defiance, subversive and scheming
God from His heaven sees all that they do;
None comprehend by autonomous reasoning
Foundation pillars of goodness and truth!

Scoundrels the Lord will confound in confusion;
Soon they will wither and draw back in fear.
Vindicate, Lord, every word You have spoken
Let all the righteous behold and draw near!

Prosper and bless all the poor of Your people;
Be, Lord, their refuge in perilous storm.
Send Your salvation in power from Zion;
May Jacob’s love, peace and joy be reborn!

Steve Layfield

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