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Psalm 18: I love the Lord


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The power of the grave lay all around me;
Ungodliness prevailed on every hand.
The pleading of my voice the Lord heard daily,
Until with mighty trembling in the land,
The Lord, upon the darkness of deep water –
His holy messengers behind the wind –
Besieged the heavens with His indignation,
And to the rescue came for all mankind!


I love the Lord; He is my shield and fortified high tower
Who, when I am surrounded by unholy violence,
Stands firmly as the horn of my salvation and my power –
My stronghold, rock of refuge – my defense!

The arrows of the Lord, all sharply pointed,
Repelled and scattered foes of every sort;
Amidst calamity, while I was sinking,
The Lord Himself became my strong support.
My feet He re-established in a broad place;
Now I am recompensed and comforted.
For I have sought to keep the ways of justice
And for His crown and kingdom pledged my head.

His precepts and His statutes I’ve remembered
And turned aside from all iniquity;
Before Him all my thoughts and words are blameless
My righteousness is plain for all to see!
The Lord is kind to those whose hearts are tender,
Yet shrewd to all who deal deceitfully;
The humble of the world He will remember
But ‘guilty’ charge all eyes too blind to see!

The breath of God illuminates my darkness;
An army is as nothing in His sight.
His word to all the pure in heart is steadfast,
Who by it learn to judge what’s good and right.
For who is God if not the Lord Almighty?
And who supplies my strength from day to day?
Preparing both my hands and feet for battle,
He vindicates the truth in all I say.

The path before my feet I see more clearly;
Your gentleness so high has lifted me;
You’ve given me the shield of Your salvation
So now I can confront my enemies.
Amidst this battle all around me raging
I recognise the call for me to fight;
Lord, give me grace to overcome their scheming
Then grind them all to powder in Your sight!

Messiah for His kingdom in the nations
Is trampling down all stubborn enemies;
The strivings of the people He opposes,
For nothing can withstand what He’s decreed.
The princely Son of David will establish
His reign throughout the world from shore to shore;
Then people who in ignorance have stumbled
Will bless and praise His Name forever more!

Steve Layfield

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