Psalter manuscript

Psalm 29: Give to the Lord, you mighty saints


This text will be replaced

Give to the Lord you mighty saints who know Him,
Give unto Him great glory as you fight;
For He alone is worthy of great honour
And must be duly hallowed in your sight.

The voice of God commands the mighty waters,
His every word is clothed in majesty;
Tearing apart a forest full of cedars
His thunderous lightning makes the blind to see!

Great conifers he rips from their foundations;
The forests on the mountains He commands,
Which dance and sway, blown by the wind he summons,
Just like playful calves upon the land.

Dividing up the fires of His displeasure,
The ground beneath our feet begins to shake,
Inducing every creature of the forest
To stand before Him silently and quake.

Throughout the ancient Flood, on high surveying
The stricken plight of creatures, He their King
Sat peacefully above the tempest raging,
Supplying strength to those who trusted Him!

Steve Layfield

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