Psalter manuscript

Psalm 30: I’ll worship You, O Lord


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I’ll worship You, O Lord,
For You have heard my cry;
My strength You have restored
And raised my feet up high;
Disdainful enemies
No longer pass me by.

You saved my life from death
And from the grave me raised;
Now with my every breath
I’ll glory in Your ways,
Extolling with Your saints,
Your holy name in praise!

My mountain is secure,
The Lord has made me strong;
The sorrow I endured
He’s changed into a song.
His fleeting angry frown
Great favour has become!

I cried to You, O Lord
And supplication made –
“My words will be ignored
If in the earth I’m laid,
Have mercy on me Lord,
My Helper, my Reward”.

My mourning You have turned
To dancing overnight!
With gladness I have learnt
To glory in Your light;
And so, in thankful songs,
I’ll magnify what’s right!

Steve Layfield

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