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Psalm 31: In You, O Lord, I put my trust


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In You, O Lord, I put my trust,
Don’t let me be ashamed;
Deliver me in Your righteousness,
And magnify Your Name.
You are my fortress and my rock
When troubled times appear;
From unseen heights You hear my cry
And turn to me Your ear.

The path before my feet is laid
With hidden traps and snares,
But God, who leads and guides my feet,
Within His hand me bears.
Because my life has been redeemed
He oversees my ways
Supplying hidden grace and strength
To keep me all my days.

That man who holds iniquity
Unseen within in his mind
Is to be hated, for his works
Betray that he is blind.
Let all men see that God has set
My feet in this wide place
And for my soul’s adversity
Supplied His truth and grace.

Have mercy, Lord, for there are times
When carnal thoughts prevail;
When grief and sorrows fills my eyes
And I am weak and frail,
Reproached by vicious enemies
Pretending they’re my friend,
Who slander me at every turn
And seek my life to end!

Deliver me from these my foes
For Your own mercies’ sake;
Don’t let wicked rest in peace,
Nor ever re-awake.
Yet from Your holy countenance
Send light upon my way;
Till all who contradict Your word
Are silenced in dismay.

But as for me I trust in You;
My times are in Your hand.
Deliver me from evil schemes,
Then make me understand
How great Your love and goodness are
To those who’ve learnt to fear,
Who, held secure within Your hands,
Your holy Name hold dear.

May Jesus Christ be ever blessed
Within the city gate,
And may the fullness of His love
Be with the ones who wait
Upon Him every day and live
With courage in their hearts;
They shall be kept within His care
And for Him set apart ……..and saved!

Steve Layfield

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