Psalter manuscript

Psalm 33: Rejoice you saints, rejoice in God


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Rejoice you saints, rejoice in God;
Such praise is beautiful and right.
Make melody with harp, drum and horn –
Play skilfully; play with delight.
His mighty works betray His truth;
We comprehend them by His word.
Open our eyes that we might see
The tender kindness of the Lord.

All things within this universe –
Each nebula, each galaxy –
He constituted by His word;
They are maintained by His decree.
The waters of the seas are His,
He knows their volume and frontier;
Therefore let earth’s inhabitants
Submit to Him in reverent fear!

May every tribe and every tongue
Consider and this lesson learn:
‘In spite of our political goals,
The purpose of the Lord stands firm’.
The Lord will bless that nation indeed
Which honours His most holy Law;
From heaven He will see their toil
And keep them safe forever more.

Wherefore set not your trust in men,
But rather in God’s unseen hand.
Before the presence of the Lord
Man’s strongest army cannot stand.
He only is your help and shield,
To all the world His love proclaim.
He will be merciful to those
Who, in their hearts, hallow His Name.

Steve Layfield

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