Psalter manuscript

Psalm 34: I will bless the Lord each moment


I will bless the Lord each moment,
Every day He sends to me.
All the humble, as they listen,
Will rejoice exceedingly.
Sing and shout then altogether,
Celebrate in song with me,
You whose faces now are shining
After fleeing to Him weeping,
Bearing joy abundantly!

As I sleep before His presence,
Angel eyes watch over me.
Every faithful saint, His goodness
Full and deep, will taste and see.
Though young lions suffer hunger,
(Listen, children, now to me)
Those who love the Lord sincerely,
Seeking to obey Him daily,
Joyful evermore shall be!

From the vantage of His heaven
God beholds my cry for grace;
While the wicked, plotting treason,
He’ll destroy before His face.
Though the righteous are afflicted,
With a contrite heart they’ll be,
From the gloomy threat of peril
And the scheming of the rebel,
Rescued – and at last set free!

Steve Layfield

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