Psalter manuscript

Psalm 46: A place of safety and security


A place of safety and security
Is God for me;
I shall not be afraid though hills
Be cast into the sea;
Though waters stir from side to side
And mountains quake beneath their pride.

There is a stream whose watercourse
Makes glad the holy place,
Where saints within God’s city dwell
Redeemed by sovereign grace.
His hand will shield her from all harm
And help her at the break of dawn.

Though nations strive and kingdoms turn,
Our God is unconcerned;
According to His sacred word
They’ll by His breath be burned.
May we this mighty work behold
Of Jacob’s God our soul’s stronghold!

Though desolations now increase
Both war and strife will cease;
Destroying weapons everywhere,
He will establish peace.
Be still and humbly honour Him
Who every tribe and tongue shall win!

The Lord of hosts bids us behold
The God of Jacob – our stronghold!

Steve Layfield

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