Psalter manuscript

Psalm 49: All you peoples of the nations draw near


All you peoples of the nations draw near
Young and old, both prince and pauper give ear;
Hear my meditation – a canticle of my heart
From heaven by revelation which I to you impart.

Safe am I though evil lies all around,
I’ll not fear though evil round me abounds;
Trusting in their riches, my friends in wisdom are poor,
The cost of their redemption they recklessly ignore.

Fools and scholars, live together and die,
Neither pause nor in their hearts wonder why
Their wealth is lost to others then, like the breath of a beast,
In pain and isolation the  signs of life in them cease!

Don’t be careless, think on what you believe
Will your Maker with a smile you receive?
Dominion everlasting awaits the righteous of earth
Who prize and testify plainly of faith and second birth.

Wealth and riches feed the glory of man,
Emptied shall be both his heart and his hands;
How frail his final moments, with family gathered around,
Suppposing soon he’ll be sleeping in peace beneath the ground!

Steve Layfield

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