Psalter manuscript

Psalm 50: The Mighty One, our God the Lord


The Mighty One, our God the Lord, has spoken to the earth,
From Zion’s holy citadel His noble truth shines forth;
Where’re the sun is shining its sanctifying sound
As fiery flares throughout the air strikes terror all around!

First, turning to believers who glory in Christ’s name
He testifies of treachery, perceiving that their games
Of sacred convocations, as heaven’s holy bride,
Are vain charades behind facades performed with pomp and pride!

More noble saints receiving the blessings of His hand,
Display a truly thankful heart and come to understand
That they must seek His glory in everything they do,
And thus commend the love of God and His commandments too.

Behold the pious hypocrites, who gather round His Word,
Whose hollow prayers His soul rejects though they are undeterred,
Preferring man’s instruction, they cast God’s word behind
And by their rebel sorcery betray that they are blind!

Who give their mouths to evil words and wallow in deceit,
Who speak against God’s noblest saints with pitiless conceit;
Our God will not keep silent, but surely will reveal
His charter of Theonomy to those who know His seal!

Beware O man, do what you can, your life is on the brink,
Remember your Creator now, sit down a while and think;
Your every thought and action must to His word conform
If He to you, Earth’s future hope and glory, will make known!

Steve Layfield

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