Psalter manuscript

Psalm 51: Have mercy on me Lord


Have mercy on me Lord,
For You indeed are kind,
Deliver me from sin and vile iniquity;
See how my soul abhors
The mischief of my mind
Which tempts my feeble flesh to wander foolishly.

Within the womb unseen
The cords of sin did grow,
Yet in my heart integrity was planned for me.
Lord, purge and make me clean,
Like freshly fallen snow,
That I might sing new songs of freedom joyfully.

Within me, Lord, create
A true and faithful heart,
And by Your Holy Spirit daily strengthen me;
Let joy no more abate
And keep me set apart,
That I might show Your world the love of Calvary.

Lord, set my soul at peace,
And I shall ever sing
Of holy consecration born of suffering;
Make false religion cease
And every pilgrim bring
A life of sacrificial of worship to the King.

Steve Layfield

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