Psalter manuscript

Psalm 55: O God of truth give ear


O God of truth give ear
For I am and weak and faint;
Attend to me and hear
The words of my complaint.
My enemies with fuming voice
Seek with great noise to trouble me.

An angry grudge they bear
And so my heart within
Is overwhelmed with fear
And anxious suffering.
I’d fly within the wilderness
Seeking recess if I had wings.

Confound and Lord divide
The scheming of their tongue;
For we have seen their pride
And violence they’ve done.
Both day and night within the street
They with deceit oppose what’s right.

Yet strangely this I find,
The scoundrel I despise
Was once my closest friend,
Esteemed before my eyes.
Let death devour them suddenly
For guile I see behind their power.

Great peace he has betrayed
With blood stains on his hands;
The covenant he made
He says no longer stands.
His foolish ways will disappear
As nearer looms redemption’s Day.

So I will never cease
Petitioning God’s face
Until my soul, in peace,
Is rescued from this place.
Though many strive against me here
My hope it’s clear He’ll soon revive.

Steve Layfield

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