Psalter manuscript

Psalm 58: The silent antics of the proud


The silent antics of the proud
Betray their rebel mind;
Their words and deeds declare aloud
That they are deaf and blind.
They weigh out everywhere they go
The violence of their hand;
From infancy they shun to know,
Nor seek to understand,
What God has willed or planned!

Like crafty serpents so are they
In all they seek to do;
The lies in everything they say
Are poisoned through and through.
Shatter their teeth, O God on high,
Consume them in their day;
Let all their arrows fly on by
And make them melt away.
Lord, make them melt away!

While pots stand burning on the fire
The Lord will, with a wind,
Destroy the godless and the liar
With all who are unkind.
Then will the wicked in their blood
Be humbled before God,
While all the ones whose ways are good
Will have their rich reward
With all the meek on earth!

Steve Layfield

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