Psalter manuscript

Psalm 59: Awake, behold O Lord of hosts


Awake, behold, O Lord of hosts, great God of Israel,
Awake to punish nations that persistently rebel;
Withdraw Your hand of mercy where iniquity prevails,
Consume the one who righteousness and equity assails!

Deliver us from enemies, rise up in our defence,
Lay bare the motives of the ones who perpetrate pretence;
Condemning me unjustly, they impugn my words with strife,
They lie in wait for me to fall then plot to take my life.

Throughout the stricken city you will hear their hollow calls
Inviting you to join them safe inside their lofty walls;
As foxes scent a killing, they seduce men then return,
Their lips are swords unable truth and justice to discern.

The Lord is unperturbed by all their vanity and lies,
In solemn strength He sets their foolish ways before His eyes;
In holy indignation they are scattered far and wide
Lest any of their children turn against His word in pride!

The ends of all the earth will soon together stand and sing,
For Jacob’s God in every heart will reign as sovereign king;
True saints redeemed in glory then in unison will raise
Their voices in a symphony of joyfulness and praise!

Steve Layfield

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