Psalter manuscript

Psalm 72: Give to the King Your judgments


Give to the King Your judgments,
Your blessing to his Son,
Whose kingdom, in the nations,
By His decree must come.
Behold, all hills and mountains
Will bring to Him their peace;
The justice of His mighty power
Shall soon oppression cease!

Whilst sun and moon in tandem
Shine brightly in the sky,
His saints who look to heaven
Will learn to live and die.
As sweet refreshing rainfall
Christ’s influence shall be
Perceived in peace and blessedness
For every eye to see.

The scope of His dominion
Will stretch from shore to shore,
His foes will, in their anguish
Lick dust from off the floor;
The kings of every nation
Will fall before the face
Of Him who made the universe –
The God of peace and grace!

The humble of all peoples
Who’ve cried to Him in need,
And found in His compassion
He is a Friend indeed,
From violence and oppression
They’ve suffered here alone,
With martyred souls will be made whole
When resurrection comes.

Then every tongue and nation
Shall stand before their King;
Each mountain with its cities
Will of their produce bring
Rich tokens of His kindness,
With gladness in their praise,
And bless the Lord of Israel –
The God of wondrous ways!

Steve Layfield

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