Psalter manuscript

Psalm 75: The mighty hand of providence


The mighty hand of providence
And wonders of His ways,
Declare to us His name is near
In glorious displays;
With tender hearts then render thanks
With songs and psalms of praise!

The earth and its inhabitants
Will surely in due course
Be subject to God’s holy fire
And reel beneath its force;
Then Christ Himself will overturn
The horrors of sin’s curse.

All you who glory in your might
And love iniquity,
All you who entertain deceit
And say that you don’t see,
The Lord will soon you overwhelm
When comes our jubilee.

The Judge of all the earth is pure
His countenance is light;
The strength of those who rule the world
Is not their own by right,
‘Tis God alone who raises up
And grants to men their might.

If rebel man won’t change his mind
And in his heart rethink,
The Lord will of His reddest wine
Constrain that man to drink;
Then, helpless, he beneath the flames
Of Hell shall surely sink.

Steve Layfield

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