Psalter manuscript

Psalm 81: Sing, O people of Jacob


Sing, O people of Jacob,
Sing for New Moon at dawn;
Raise your banners and timbrels,
Sound your trumpet and horn.
We who languished in Egypt,
Marked out by Abraham’s name,
This testimony shall evermore proclaim!

Strangers bearing great burdens
Cried to God in despair;
He with peals of loud thunder,
Sought and rescued them there.
Marching out from that city,
They, led by pillar of fire,
Murmured denying His hand could quench desire!

Hear my word, O my people,
Stand and listen to me,
Turn now swiftly from all idolatry;
Only I have authority,
Only I can make blind eyes to believe!

But My covenant people
Would not listen to Me,
Foolishly they depended
On what their dull eyes could see;
So the God they’d abandoned
Darkened in judgement His light,
Wherefore they stumbled as drunkards in the night!

Come my covenant people,
Come now listen to Me;
Come with faith and believing,
Trust my word and you’ll see,
I stand ready to scatter
All who true piety hate;
I will surely your foes obliterate!

Hear this solemn conclusion,
Hear God’s solemn decree:
All who practise and speak hypocrisy
Shall be covered with misery,
For refusing to know true liberty!

Steve Layfield

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