Psalter manuscript

Psalm 85: This land we call our home


This land we call our own
Has in times past Your favour known,
When, from captivity,
You called us home.
Restore to us, we pray,
The blessings of those former days
And indignation turn
From us away.

Will You prolong Your fierce rebuke?
Revive Your people Lord again.
Show to this generation mercy;
Make us celebrate and sing.
For we’ve forsaken
Applications of Your noble Law;
Come save us now and evermore.

Turn us from foolishness,
Sustain us in Your righteousness;
Speak peace to lowly saints
Who truth embrace.
All we who humbly fear
Will surely find Your help is near;
Let glory in our land
Now reappear!

Let truth and justice suddenly
In all the earth spring up and bloom;
May love and righteousness from heaven
Like summer showers of rain come down.
Increase the yield of
Every field and garden in the land,

And homeward lead us by Your hand.

Steve Layfield

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