Psalter manuscript

Psalm 88: O God of my salvation


O God of my salvation, I cry out to You each day,
My life is full of trouble; can’t You hear these words I pray?
Like those condemned to spend eternity within Sheol,
My life’s cut off before Your hand and silence greets my call.

Deep darkness and forebodings terrorise me in the night;
Your wrath so overwhelms me that my heart is filled with fright.
My ‘friends’ so called pretend they care but, when my back is turned,
They laugh and walk the other way, and so my love is spurned.

Release me from captivity, for I am here shut in;
My days are filled with sorrow and my eyes are growing dim.
Upon my knees I ask You, please don’t cast my soul away,
For every morning I draw near before Your throne to pray.

Great terror and affliction I have many seasons known;
Your anger sweeping over me has chilled me to the bone.
Distraught, my soul is caught beneath the tumult of this storm,
In isolation from my friends – abandoned and forlorn.

Steve Layfield

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