Psalter manuscript

Psalm 90: Lord, You have been our dwelling place


Lord, You have been our dwelling place
Through generations of our time
Before the mighty hills came forth
From magma in the earth;
Before You formed this wondrous sphere
And furnished it with sky and sea,
From everlasting You are God
And shall be throughout all eternity.

To rebel man Your judgements come;
You summon him from futile war.
A thousand years pass in Your sight
Like watches in the night.
You seize them in a sudden flood
While they lay sleeping all alone;
As severed grass they lie there dead
And wither underneath the mid-day sun.

Your people have been terrified
And by Your wrath consumed with fear;
We lay our sins before Your face
Acknowledging disgrace.
The strength of our passing years
Expires just like a breath of air;
With years prolonged if we are strong,
Yet knowing only sorrow and despair.

What man can boast of mighty pow’r
When summoned by Your judgement call
And so we swiftly fly from here;
In terrifying fear.
Teach us to count our fleeting days
That we might more wise-hearted be.
Return, O Lord!  Why must we wait
For You to love this remnant faithfully?

United, give us songs to sing
And satisfy our hungry souls;
Each bright new dawn send truth and grace
To sanctify our days.
Surpass with joy the years of woe,
Through which we have with trouble been
And let the beauty of Your work
In every corner of this globe be seen!

Steve Layfield

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