Psalter manuscript

Psalm 91: He who dwells in the place of the Lord


He who dwells in the place
Of the Lord constantly,
Will abide peacefully
’Neath the shade of His might.
I will say of the Lord,
‘Let His Fortress and Keep
Be my trust while I sleep
Through the darkness each night’.

From the clasp of the snare
He will rescue my feet;
Every setback I meet
He will smother with care.
I, with kindness and warmth
‘Neath His comforting wing,
From His Psalter shall sing,
In a spirit of prayer.

Do not let your heart fear sudden terror by night,
Nor the arrows that fly through the air;
No contagion will
lurk on the path where you walk,
Though about you be
fear everywhere.

While a thousand may fall
At your side as you speak,
By His grace He will keep
You from evil and harm;
With your eye you’ll perceive
The retreat and demise
Of all those who despise
Just the sound of His Name.

Now because you have made
Mighty Christ your retreat,
Turning swiftly your feet,
At the sound of His call,
Mighty angels will watch
Every footstep you tread,
As each day you are led,
To His banqueting hall.

Prowling lions and snakes you’ll subdue and defeat
‘Neath the soles of your feet in the sand;
You who
make your delight walking tall in His light
He will hold in the palm of His hand.

On the heights of the hills,
He who treasures God’s name,
God will furnish with fame
And uphold by His grace;
He will goodness enjoy
Midst the tumult of strife
All the years of his life
With the smile of God’s face.

Steve Layfield

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