Psalter manuscript

Psalm 109: Why are You silent, O God?


Why are You silent, O God of my praise,
Do You not hear all around me
Words of confusion from counterfeit ways,
Seeking my ruin completely?
I would them bless,
They in turn pursue my distress;
Hear my petition, come set my heart free
Lord of all providence, time and eternity!

Mark my accuser, O Lord of my plea,
Charge and confront him as ‘guilty’;
Cut off his children and doom them to be
Vagabonds begging for mercy.
Plunder his home,
Take away the comfort he’s known;
Let all his business continually be
Multiplied sorrow for his posterity!

Lord, for the honour and cause of Your name,
Show to me goodness and mercy;
Comfort this heart of mine, wounded with shame,
Burdened with care and so sleepy.
Gone is my strength,
Broken down my walls of defence;
Render to those who have demonised me
Clothes full of darkness to wear eternally.

Help me O Lord and for mercy’s sake save,
May every rogue be confounded;
Let them me curse as I rise from the grave,
When by Your strength I’m surrounded.
Loud in that throng
Shall (be) the strain of my victory song,
Watching the meek and the brave in the end
Triumph in Jesus, their faithful Lord and Friend!

Steve Layfield

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