Psalter manuscript

Psalm 98: To the Lord, sing a brand new song


To the Lord, sing a brand new song;
Let us marvel altogether at the things He’s done!
His own hand and His holy arm
Have performed salvation through the Son;
Loving kindness, truth and righteousness
To the nations He has now made known.

All the ends of the earth have seen
His salvation within Jacob and His care for them.
Make a joyful and thankful noise,
Celebrate in a symphony of song:
Let the trumpet sound with bugle and horn
In an overture that’s loud and long!

Let the land, sea and sky all roar;
Let the mountains and the rivers raise their voice and sing.
For Jehovah, our mighty Lord,
Will arise and to His judgment bring
All who scorn His law and seek to ignore
The Messiah, Christ, our sovereign king!

Steve Layfield

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