Psalter manuscript

Psalm 105: Sing to the Lord


Sing to the Lord and extol His great Name,
Tell of His wonders through history;
Publish His deeds and the works of His hands,
Furnished with glory and mystery.
Seek now His face and rejoice in His strength,
Noticing daily each providence;
Justice and truth multiply from His mouth,
Comforting Jacob’s inheritance.

Pouring out judgements throughout all the earth,
Reigning supreme with authority;
Mindful of promise and covenant love,
Favouring Isaac’s posterity;
Led as the children of Abraham home,
Canaan became their inheritance;
Feeble and few they pursued His great plan,
Learning to walk in obedience.

Strangers and pilgrims they wandered alone
Bravely confronting each enemy,
Sending poor Joseph before them to be
Chief over Egypt’s economy.
Settling in Goshen as though it were home,
Prospering greatly – one family,
Till pharaoh purposed their tribes to oppress,
Testing their patience with tyranny.

Aaron and Moses attending God’s call,
Solemnly prophesied fearlessly;
Signs and great wonders they wrought in the land,
Filled every niche of that territory
Wholly with blood, lice and armies of flies,
Targeting countryside everywhere!
Finally after great darkness by day
Death of each firstborn child – shock, despair!

Bearing rich treasures of silver and gold
Led by Shekinah light wondrously,
Nourished by manna distilled from the clouds –
Quail supplementing mysteriously;
Graciously kept by God’s covenant grace
Bravely as children of Abraham,
They learnt to honour His statutes and laws,
Heirs of His promised inheritance.

Praise the Lord!

Steve Layfield

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