Psalter manuscript

Psalm 114: When Jacob’s children languishing in Egypt


When Jacob’s children languishing in Egypt
Departed from a people of strange tongue,
Judah became the subject of God’s kingdom
And Jacob’s land His own dominion.

The sea, beholding pilgrim fam’lies leaving,
Dispersed at once and rose up in a heap;
Great Jordan’s flow turned back, while hills and mountains
Began to leap and jump like fearful sheep.

What ails you sea? Why are your streams suspended?
You lofty peaks, why skip as timid rams?
Before God’s mighty power manifested
Your quaking hills resemble trembling lambs.

Let all the earth stand still before His presence;
May every creature faint before His face,
For He transforms the deserts with His water,
From barren rocks into a pleasant place.

Steve Layfield

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