Psalter manuscript

Psalm 118: The sound of salvation and great jubilation


The sound of salvation and loud jubilation
I heard in the house of the saints of the Lord;
Though fierce be the battle with sin and the devil,
More valiant is Jesus when wielding His sword.

O give thanks to the Lord for His kindness and love
Which, like mountains, forever endure;
Let all Christians rejoice, yet with trembling and fear,
For His mercy both steadfast and sure.
With the Lord on our side we shall fight for the cause
Of His kingdom of goodness and grace
In our hearts let us say, “What can man do to me?”
As we wait for the smile of His face.

Mighty nations conspire to oppose what is right –
They surround and torment me like bees;
Though at times I despair, with the help of my God
I’ll destroy and confound them with ease.
In the name of the Lord I will brandish His word
As I enter this warfare and fight;
Though I stumble and fall my Redeemer’s become
Both my strength and my song in the night!

Though the chastening hand of my captain and Lord
Has upon me been heavy and strong;
I know I shall live, outmanoeuvring the grave,
In His glorious kingdom to come.
Through the gates of the blessed He will carry this lamb
That has stubbornly strayed from His ways;
There to Christ, who’s become my salvation and light,
I will sing of His triumph in praise.

For this Christ surely came in the fullness of time
To a people corrupt and unclean;
By unspeakable crime and the cost of His life
We’ve been clothed in His light and redeemed.
Many builders in pride have rejected this stone
Destined by His decree to become,
In the sight of God’s saints overwhelmed by His grace
Chief in splendour and strength like the sun.

Steve Layfield

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