Psalter manuscript

Psalm 119 – KAPH: My soul for Your salvation faints


My soul for Your salvation faints
But in Your word I find
Great promises to give me hope
And ease my troubled mind.
I wonder, “Must I yet remain
Beneath this heavy yoke?
For I am like a wineskin trapped
Above thick plumes of smoke.”

Upon Your statutes I will dwell
Each new day You me lend
And watch to see Your judgment fire
Upon the proud descend;
For they have persecuted me
While daily they ignore
The voice of conscience in their hearts
Confronting them with Law.

Despising all of Your commands
They trouble me with mirth;
My every word they overturn
And drive me from the earth.
Revive in me an upright heart
And keep me, Lord, awake
With loving kindness in my soul
Lest I Your gracious Law… forsake.

Steve Layfield

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