Psalter manuscript

Psalm 119 – LAMED: Your timeless word, O mighty Lord


Your timeless word, O mighty Lord,
Is settled by Your own decree;
All heaven stands as witness to
What You have said will be.
Through generations we have seen
Your love and faithfulness endure,
Like earth and moon Your word abides
To serve Your purpose now and ever more.

Without Your Law to guide my feet,
And truth to feed my soul within,
My life was destined to be lost
In endless suffering.
Now every thought – each word I speak –
Is subject to Your holy word,
So truth which You’ve revealed to me
Has made me Yours and saved me, gracious Lord.

The proud, who all around I see,
Oppose the truth in every way;
But on the Scriptures I stand firm
And trust in all You say.
Therein I read of future days,
Blessed with the Lord’s prosperity,
When all mankind will find the way
Of holiness both wide and trouble free!

Steve Layfield

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