Psalter manuscript

Psalm 119 – MEM: O how my soul adores


O how my soul adores
The wisdom of Your laws
Which challenges my every thought throughout the day.
By them I have become
As skilled as anyone
In comprehending sin and mischief in my way.

Great sages from of old,
Whose wisdom shines as gold,
Judged by Your law are counterfeit philosophers;
By all of Your commands
I’m helped to understand
More than a mighty host of human counsellors.

My feet I have restrained
From evil and maintained
A thoughtful application of Your every word.
Though many turn aside
In sinfulness and pride
I cannot, for my teacher is the risen Lord.

Your words are food indeed
Which satisfy my need
For perfect understanding of life’s mysteries.
Lord take my feeble heart
And keep me set apart,
Resisting all apostasy and sorceries.

Steve Layfield

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