Psalter manuscript

Psalm 119 – TSADDE: Holy and upright is the Lord


Holy and upright is the Lord;
The laws which He commands are fair,
Reflecting His own righteousness,
They are the clothing we should wear.

Great zeal provokes this heart of mine
For truly all men understand,
By what is written on their hearts,
That they should keep, Lord, Your commands.

As I reflect upon my life,
Though I am nothing in men’s eyes,
The word of God me animates
And makes my heart and tongue so wise.

The righteousness of God endures;
It is from age to age the same,
And so His servants every day
Urge men His precepts to retain.

By many sorrows I’m consumed
When darkness overturns the light;
But I have made the words You say
My song of comfort in the night.

Steve Layfield

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