Psalter manuscript

Psalm 136: The love of Jesus Christ endures


Every false idol that men in their darkness
Honour as ‘lord’ on the throne of their mind,
Shall in the day of God’s fierceness and goodness
Fall from on high and in Hell be confined.
Then we’ll be free from the sins of our blindness
No more believing the lies of mankind.

The love of Jesus Christ endures
And ever more will be the same
Let all who know what He has done
Extol the virtues of His name
‘Lord of all lords we acknowledge Your wisdom
Mighty Creator, Your rule we proclaim.’

Open our eyes to great marvels and wonders
Lord of the universe, Father on high,
Help us to see up above the deep waters
Glorious signs that abide in the sky:
Sun, moon and stars, keeping vigil together,
Marking the seasons which pass us all by.

Striking the firstborn of Egypt and Pharaoh,
Setting the children of Israel free,
Forming a pathway through turbulent water
Casting their enemies into the sea;
Manifold kings overcome by great slaughter
Yielded their land as divine territ’ry.

We in the depths of great sorrow and anguish
Yearned for His favour and sought Him in prayer;
He, recollecting His promise to Abram,
Came to our aid and diffused our despair;
Daily He nourishes, holds us and keeps us
Daily we bask in the warmth of His care!

Steve Layfield

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