Psalter manuscript

Psalm 140: Rescue me, O Lord, from those who seek evil


Rescue me, O Lord, from those who do evil,
Keep me from their violence;
Daily they conspire for war and high treason,
There is hatred in their plans.
Their tongues are sharp as iron,
There’s poison in their bite;
Their purpose, sure and certain,
To undermine what’s right!

Subtle are their schemes and dark their devices,
They have set their snares for me;
Listen to my prayer, heed this supplication,
God of all eternity.
My strength and my salvation,
My helmet in this war,
Deliver from temptation
Today and evermore!

As for those in charge of those who surround me,
Let their words return to them;
Cast them into fire with coals hotly burning,
Let their curse on them descend.
Abolish lies and slander
In every tribe and land;
Restore the lost who wander
By Your almighty hand!

Steve Layfield

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