Psalter manuscript

Psalm 144: I’ll bless the Lord, my Rock


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I’ll bless the Lord, my Rock when facing dangers,
Who trains my hands for war and guides my fingers,
The kindness of His love
Has kept me safe above
The crafty schemes and plans of cruel strangers.

Behold, O Lord, the ways of these, my fellows
Whose years of pride are fleeting as the shadows;
With flame and fire come down
Till they are overcome
By wounds inflicted on them from Your arrows.

Deliver me, O Lord, from mighty waters,
Expose deceit in all that they have taught us;
The knowledge that they prize
Is full of wicked lies
Denying we are image-bearing creatures!

I’ll sing of Him who gives to kings salvation,
Whose truth is light for every generation;
May all our children know
God’s blessing as they grow,
Till they are perfect specimens of fashion!

When we, the Lord exalt, in all our doing
Acknowledging His word in all our knowing,
All selfishness shall cease
And we shall be at peace,
With fields and barns filled up to overflowing!

Steve Layfield

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