Psalter manuscript

Psalm 147: Praise the Lord for His goodness


Praise the Lord for His goodness,
Praise the Lord for His kindness,
Praise the Lord!

The Lord establishes Jerusalem;
And draws together weary outcast saints as one,
Mending every broken heart,
He binds up every hurt,
And like the stars He knows the names of every single one!

Great is the Lord and powerful in might;
The understanding of His mind is infinite;
All the wicked He casts down
In judgement to the ground
And prospers all whose words and deeds promote the cause of right!

Sing to the Lord with harp and voice aloud;
Give thanks to Him who clothes the sapphire skies with cloud
For His rain upon the fields
A mighty harvest yields,
Supplying birds and forest beasts with their essential food!

Though strong and swift our limbs give no delight
To Him who sends upon the earth His radiant light;
Yet He notices all those
Whose conversation shows
A solemn fear of Him whose truth illuminates their sight!

Come magnify the Lord Jerusalem;
Sing praises to the Father’s one begotten Son,
For your children He has blessed
Within your walls with rest
And filled you with the finest produce ripened by the sun!

His word with swiftness runs throughout the land;
The corners of the earth ring out at His command;
Wintry water-courses thaw
And melt away before
The holy blast of His decree and His almighty hand!

The word of life to Jacob’s seed alone
He from the lofty heights of Sinai’s mount made known;
Other nations barely knew
What they were called to do
So formulated statute laws which Christ will never own.

Steve Layfield

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