Psalter manuscript

Psalm 148: From creation’s farthest corner


From creation’s farthest corner,
Beneath its lofty height,
Let seraphim and angels
As ministers of light,
Together with all creatures –
Including Moon and Sun –
Extol the Lord of glory
In harmony as one,
In harmony as one!

All the world has been established
By ancient ordinance,
Each snowflake as it tumbles
Perform the Master’s dance;
The summer breeze and windstorms
Fulfill God’s holy word;
Great creatures in the waters
Betray that He is Lord,
Betray that He is Lord!

Every fruit tree in the garden
And cedar on the hill,
With creeping things and cattle,
His providence fulfil;
The princes of all nations
Will duly comprehend,
With youths and pretty maidens,
The Father’s unseen hand,
The Father’s unseen hand.

There’s a song for all the nations
To shout aloud and sing
Concerning their Redeemer
And everlasting King;
He only is exalted
Supreme in majesty,
By faith His holy kingdom
Is plain for all to see,
Is plain for all to see.

Steve Layfield

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