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The Call of Wisdom – from Proverbs Chapter 1


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Tune – Bob Dylan

C                                 G/B                     Am
Wisdom stands and pleads in the busy street
F                                     C                          G
In the market place she vents her hopeful cries
Em                                                       F
At the entrance of the city gate she speaks
C                          F     C    G                           C
Turn around you simple ones – learn and be wise.

How long will you embrace duplicity;
The mocking of the scornful you delight?
Your foolish ways depict simplicity
Why not turn at my rebuke – and do what’s right.

My son if sinner’s speech entices you
Saying, ‘Come with us and seek for innocent blood’;
With stolen treasure let your house acrue’.
Do not walk along with them – it won’t be good!

When later you’re alone and feeling low
In desperate straits not knowing what to do;
With no friends left and no place left to go
Then with solemn, silent mirth – I’ll laugh at you!

So listen now, take heed and don’t despair
Whoever listens carefully to me
Will ever dwell securely without care
With the fear of God within – true wisdom’s key!

Steve Layfield

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