Psalter manuscript

Psalm 41: Blessed is the man


Blessed is the man who considers the land
Where the poor of his people consume only bowls full of sorrow;
The Lord will preserve him, sustain and relieve him though
Fierce be the heat in the toil of his struggle tomorrow.
And he will be blessed and his soul shall find rest
In the face of his enemies’ slander for saving the city;
For God will behold him, equip and uphold him
And show him great mercy for showing to reprobates pity!

Show mercy to me mighty Christ for I see
That in manifold ways I have sinned many times against heaven;
(There are) foes all about me who rise up and shout
Making out my concern for Your reign in our land is mistaken.
With craft and deceit they pursue their conceit,
Undermining the truth of the scope and the growth of Your kingdom;
Unstable their minds, to Your truth they are blind
And unwilling to yield to the logic of Scripture and reason!

With evil desire they together conspire
To confuse and destroy the great hope of Your covenant people;
Fuelling men’s fears they are ticklers of ears,
Taking prey all Your saints who are careless, complacent or fickle;
Who feign and pretend to my face they’re my friend
Then malign what I say and betray me unkindly to others;
Who curse and despise me and seek my demise
Spreading poisonous lies to my innocent sisters and brothers!

But mercy to me from the Lord now I see,
As the wheels of His providence shatter their mischief completely;
Soon they will yield, while the hate they’ve concealed
Will be seen by the world as audacious profanity wholly.
Yet I will survive till at last I arrive
At the place where I’m destined to stand in God’s presence forever,
With saints from of old sanctified there as gold
Glorifying our King we will worship and praise Him together!
Amen! Amen!

Steve Layfield

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