Quill and writing

Wedding anniversary!

This week marks my 30th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated the occasion with a wonderful afternoon spent with close family and a shared meal together.  I know the truth of Proverbs 19:14, “houses and riches are an inheritance from fathers, but a prudent wife is from the LORD.”  Here’s a song I wrote to mark the happy occasion,

Evermore – Song for Maria  (pdf)

Evermore, I’ll stay close beside your side,
Forever more, I’ll honour you, my bride,
Until the moon and sunbeams cease,
And every songbird holds its peace,
I’ll treasure you, my love, beneath
My wings, and worship you sweet sister evermore.

Evermore, I’ll turn these eyes to you each morn’,
Forever more, I’ll keep the vows that I have sworn;
Until the sea lies calm beneath
A motionless and moonless breeze
My love for you will never cease;
I’ll serve you as your prophet, priest and comforter.

Evermore, upon my hand I’ll wear this ring,
Forever more, I’ll honour you in everything;
This solemn duty all can see
Is untold holy joy to me
So to the Lord, for His decree,
I, full of thankfulness will be, forever more.

Evermore, my lips will magnify your form
For evermore, I’ll praise the day that you were born;
Until I’m snatched away by death
I’ll charge my tongue to daily bless
The Lord of all my happiness,
For sending you to be my guest for evermore.

Evermore, I’ll bear the strain and daily burden
Of your chores, and keep the flame while you upholding;
Nought you ask will be too great,
As daily I upon you wait –
I’ll never stall nor hesitate
To build a garden with a gate for you and yours.

I behold in her pure treasure far surpassing
Finest gold; I am far richer than a king!
This bounty I will near me keep
Throughout the night-time when I sleep,
And, when from time to time she weeps,
I’ll to the beating of my heart her gently hold.

Steve Layfield (15-8-2011)